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    - Provides 3 optional Charging Modes; 0.25A, 0.5A, 1.0A
    - LCD screen with precise voltage and battery level display
    - USB output function with supply power for mobile devises 
    - Car charger function 
    - Capable of charging 2 batteries simultaneously 
    - Each of the two battery slots monitors and chargers independently 
    - Automatically identifies IMR ,Li-ion, Ni-MH and Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries 
    - Features three charging modes (CC,CV and Trickle Charge ) 
    - Automatically stops charging when complete 
    - Features reverse polarity protection 
    - Power saving mode 
    - Built-in reverse polarity protection 
    - Designed for optimal heat dissipation

    Comes with 3 Charging Amperes :

    0.25A : 10440-18700 3.6-3.7V (Recommended for Longer lasting battery power and battery lifetime)
    0.5A : 17670-18700 3.6-3.7V
    1.0A : 18650-26650 3.6-3.7V (For Speed charging)

    We've tested this charger with Nitecore I4 and Trustfire chargers, and WS1 charged 2~2.5 times faster than Nitecore and Trustfire.

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  • USB Car Charger

    USB Car charger, compatible with eGo USB and 510 USB chargers.

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  • eGo AC Adapter

    Oakley Vaping eGo Charger AC Adapter for use with eG0 style batteries.

    Input: 100V-240V - 50/60Hz

    Output: 5V 500mA DC

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  • Oakley eGo USB Charger

    Compatible with all eGo series batteries (Firefly, Emax, Joye eGo, Joye eGo-T, Joye eGo-C, Joye eGo-C Twist) and Vision Spinner batteries.

    Use: Plug the charger into a USB power source and fasten the "atomizer-end" of an Ego Series battery to the charger. The battery LED will flash several times indicating a good connection with the charger. The charger light will turn from green to red if a charge is needed. 

    !Always clean the battery and charger contacts of any eLiquid before use.

    Green Light: No battery attached or the battery attached is fully charged
    Red Light: Charge in progress

    The charger light may flash during the duration of the charge. Charge time varies depending on the size or capacity of the battery.

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